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    The corporate credit evaluation in the port and shipping sector has been rewarded as one of the 10 demonstrative cases for the application of credit digital reform in Zhejiang Province. Based on credit data on Zhejiang provincial public credit platform, industrial economic indicator data, corporate historical credit data, and governmental rewards and punishment data, we have established a corporate credit evaluation system in the port and shipping industry. The corporate credit evaluation is carried out through six aspects, i.e. basic information, finance and tax, operating capability, legal compliance, rewards and punishments, and social responsibility. The corporate credit evaluation in port and shipping industry integrate industry evaluation and governmental supervision, so as to facilitate the classified supervision of related sectors including import and export trade, shipping and logistics, improve the overall business environment and to achieve high-quality development of port industry.

    Corporate Credit Management

    The corporate credit management platform for port and shipping provides integrated industry credit management services including industry credit information statistical analysis, industry credit analysis report release, untrustworthy behavior complaint and declaration, and enterprise credit warning. In terms of the application of "credit + supervision", the platform provides the regulatory authority a reference for the classified supervision over port and shipping enterprises. In the terms of the application for "credit + finance", the platform assists enterprises in cooperation with bank and insurance institutions to innovate supply chain financial service products and promote the development of inclusive finance in the industry.

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