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  • Industry Monitoring and Analysis

    Collecting relevant data on the production and operation of major domestic port and shipping enterprises through the industrial economic monitoring platform, and adopting big data technology to collect relevant data and information of the industry for in-depth mining and efficient analysis, so as to provide the data and information service and support for customers, as well as the industry monitoring analysis and decision-making reference support for industry management authorities.

    Industry Consulting Service

    Providing professional consulting services and supporting solutions via a professional consulting team and the industry data information and repository in response to the individualized needs of corporate and governmental customers, mainly focused on regional port and shipping economic operation analysis, regional shipping industry chain structure analysis, international shipping development trend analysis and other service areas.

    Shipping Management Cloud Service

    Providing shipping enterprises with an online operation management service platform through network cloud services, to realize efficient online management via standardized process; and providing customizable online management functions to meet the individualized management needs of different enterprises, fully improve resource utilization, and reduce their information-based management costs. The main functional modules includes: vessel management, crew management, contract management, voyage management, settlement management, and report analysis, etc..

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