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  • Maritime Silk Road Index (MSRI) is an index system indicating the trend of international shipping and trade market, as prepared and released by Ningbo Shipping Exchange by using "Internet +", big data and technology. The published indexes include Ningbo Export Container Freight Index (NCFI), Maritime Silk Road Trade Index (STI), China-CEEC Trade Index (CCTI), Ningbo Shipping Economic Index (NSEI), Ningbo Port Index (NPI) and Shipping Meteorological Index (SMI).

    MSRI was initially released in September 2013. In October 2015, four shipping indexes in relation with Ningbo’s export container freight, known as one of the significant deliverables agreed by Sino-UK counterparts during Chairman Xi Jinping’s visit to the United Kingdom, were announced on the portal of Baltic Exchange; in March 2016, MSRI was formally included in the National Thirteenth Five-Year Plan. In 2017 and 2019, “Release STI”, “Release 16+1 Trade Index (CCTI) and Ningbo Port Index (NPI)” were included in the list of deliverables of the 1st and 2nd “Belt and Road” International Cooperation Summit Forum. Jun 2021, General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) and People's Government of Ningbo Municipality released the China-CEEC Trade Index (CCTI). CCTI is authorized and guided by Department of Statistics and Analysis of GACC, and developed by Ningbo Customs District and Ningbo Shipping Exchange on the basis of the 17+1 Trade Index.


    Ningbo Containerized Freight Index

    Ningbo Containerized Freight Index (NCFI) is used to objectively reflect the fluctuation of freight rates of international container shipping market by calculating and recording the container freight rates change information of 21 routes departing from Ningbo-Zhoushan port, including composite Index and 21 Indexes of branch routes. NCFI is announced regularly at 16:00 every Friday.


    Maritime Silk Road Trade Index

    Maritime Silk Road Trade Index (STI), a set of trade development index system consisting of import and export trade index, export trade index, and import trade index, is monthly released to measure the level of economic and trade development and reflect the development trend of China's foreign trade in terms of Overall Trade Index, Region Trade Index and Specific classification Trade Index. The initial value of STI is released around the 9th of each month; the final value is released on the 27th of each month and is postponed in case of statutory holidays.


    China-CEEC Trade Index

    China-CEEC Trade Index (including Trade Scale Indicator, Trade Structure Indicator and Trade Partner Indicator) has been compiled by Ningbo Customs in conjunction with Ningbo Shipping Exchange, under the authorization and guidance of the Department of Statistics and Analysis, General Administration of Customs of People's Republic of China. China-CEEC Trade Index will be officially released at the 5th China-CEEC Dialogue on Customs,Inspection and Quarantine Cooperation in June 2021.China-CEEC Trade Index will display the current development and future prospects of China's import and export trades with CEECs in an evident manner, thus serving as the barometer and weather vane for China-CEEC trade development.


    Ningbo Shipping Economic Index

    Ningbo Shipping Economic Index (NSEI) is derived from collecting the data associated with business and operation activities of some representative shipping companies in dry bulk and liquid cargo carriage, which can indicate the operating condition of domestic shipping companies and the shipping market updates, and further reveal the trend of domestic and foreign shipping market and bulk trade market. NSEI comprises the Shipping Climate Index, the Shipping Enterprise Confidence Index, and the Shipping Climate Signal. NSEI Editorial Board is composed of 100 members, all of which are representative shipping companies in dry bulk and liquid cargo carriage.


    Ningbo Port Index

    Ningbo Port Index (NPI) is a composite index that reflects the level of port development; measures the current market climate; shows the confidence of participants, and predicates the industry development trend. It can collect a plurality of indexes in connection with the port enterprises on the Port Economy Monitoring Analysis Platform; employ the index-based evaluation method for quantitative assessment, reflect the climate fluctuations of the port market under the influence of single or composite factors in different periods, and predict the status of trade and economy operation. This index comprises the Port Climate Index and the Port Enterprise Confidence Index, and can be subdivided into the indexes in respect of container, dry bulk cargo, liquid bulk cargo, and break bulk cargo as four specialized markets.


    Shipping Meteorological Index

    Shipping Meteorological Index (SMI) is a composite index that reflects the extent of the impact of meteorological conditions in the next seven days on ocean shipping, and indicates the trend of ocean-going vessel navigation safety. Based on big data analysis and risk assessment, it can reflect the fluctuations of the shipping meteorological safety along the main routes by collecting a plurality of shipping and meteorological data, which in turn provides some reference for analysis and decision of shipping company and industry administration. This index is announced at 9:00 am on a daily basis.

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