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  • The international trade insight analysis platform, relying on big data technology, provides one-stop service for clients including data inquiry and customized data analysis, through the associated analysis and in-depth exploration of integrated trade data, liner schedule data, container shipping freight data and other data, in order to help clients more conveniently conduct trade and logistics customer development, and logistics planning, better understand the trend of market supply and demand, and carry out market research and analysis.

    International Trade Data Inquiry System

    Inquire 50 million+ items of trade and logistics profile information in 44+ key trading countries and regions around the world by one click.

    Liner Schedule Database

    Covering 40+ main carriers around the world, 5,600+ ocean-going container liners' berthing and unberthing schedules and route capacity deployment.

    Shipping B/L Verification Service

    Relying on associated analysis of shipping big data, including order number, container number, logistics node information, and point-to-point shipping freight information, etc., to verify the actual shipping status of the ocean bill of lading (B/L) from multiple dimensions, evaluate the amount of money receivable for the order, and create user profiles.

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